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Numotizine® – For The Sore, Stiff Leg After Exercising Your Horse

Muscle soreness, stiffness and pain affects all types of horse breeds, ages and genders and crosses all lines of disciplines. Sprains and strains in horses usually occur when their muscles, tendons or ligaments are overworked, twisted, or overextended leading to lameness and downtime.


NUMOTIZINE® (“Numo”) is comforting veterinary poultice that provides amazing treatment and relief for sore stiff legs, muscle sprains, cramping, tendinitis, bruises and is also effective for painful swelling. It can be applied to areas of fresh muscular injury, bites and abscesses.


NUMOTIZINE®, known as “the pink stuff” in the veterinary world, has been widely used for over 50 years for muscle pain relief in race horses. It also works extremely well on rodeo, equestrian, show and riding horses, livestock and farm and hunting dogs.

General Symptoms:

Lameness or limping

Swelling in area of injury

Stiffness in affected limb

Heat in area of swelling

Give It A Try

Thousands of veterinarians, trainers, groomers, saddle and tack shops, jockeys, riders, farmers and

hunters trust the relief and effectiveness that Numotizine® provides their horses, pets and livestock.




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